Celebrate love, laughter and light with GMC. Buy a GMC Yukon, Acadia or Terrain and get gold instantly worth up to AED 13,000. With every purchase you get additional benefits and a chance to win 1KG of gold.  


Join Ahmad on his journey to celebrate Diwali from the one and only Mrs. Sharma, the Diwali Pro.

Terms & Conditions:  

Service, Warranty and Petrol Card:

10 year Extended Warranty, 5 year / 100,000 KM Service and Petrol Card

  • The above are not exchangeable for cash but are exchangeable for a discount on the car for the equivalent amount.
  • 10 year warranty is routed through 3rd party vendor i.e. AAA.
  • Periodic Service and Maintenance as per vehicle owners’ manual.
  • The responsibility of Petrol Card upkeep is with the end customer till the amount is exhausted.
Gold gift card:
  • All buyers of GMC Acadia, Yukon and Terrain (from October 1st to October 31st) will get a Joyalukkas gift card, pre-loaded with an amount as described in the table below which is redeemable for anything only at a Joyalukkas store.
  • The Gift card can be exchanged for a discount on the car but not cash back.
  • All Buyers of new GMC vehicles (Terrain, Acadia, Yukon, Sierra) are eligible to participate from 1st October 2019 until 31st October 2019, for purchases at any GMC dealership in the UAE.
  • To be eligible, each customer must provide their job title, organization and phone number and/ or email.
  • There shall be Two Winners in this competition. One for each GMC Dealer in the UAE.
  • The raffle draw shall be conducted in November 2019.
  • Each winner must respond within 10 working days acknowledging and setting a pickup time for the unique voucher from the dealer at which the car was bought. Or else the raffle draw will be run once again and another winner chosen.
  • The winner will redeem the 1 KG of gold at a Joyalukkas store and must bring the physical voucher obtained from the dealer with Emirates ID.
  • This prize is not exchangeable for cash.
  • Employees of GM, GM dealerships or peripheral agencies and production units involved in the 2019 GMC Diwali Campaign are not eligible to participate.
  • Valid in the UAE only